Dr. Nero

Bertha in “The Wild Party”, directed by James Ivory

Jackie the Glitter Queen

Slave Girl #2

Mrs. Springboro

Iris Augen

Teresa the Maid

Jim Carrey and Mews Small

Man on the Moon

A.K.A. The Last of the Cowboys

From left to right:

Susan Serandon, Leigh French, Mews Small (front), Melanie Mayron, Eileen Brennan, and Dana House.

Written by John Hughes

Mary LeDoux

A.K.A. Junkie Nurse

From left to right:

Delos V. Smith Jr., Mews Small, Brad Dourif, Jack Nicholson, William Duell, Danny DeVito, Vincent Schiavelli, Christopher Lloyd

The cast and crew of The Great Smokey Roadblock

Jim Carrey, Mews Small, and David Elliott

Mews with Dub Taylor


Iris Augen